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Blinks Labs GmbH - Startup
Blinkist löst ein bekanntes Problem: Es gibt so viele spannende Bücher, aber zu wenig
Zeit, sie alle zu lesen. Unser innovatives Content-Format öffnet eine neue Tür zur weiten Welt der Sachbücher – mit einer App für alle gängigen mobilen Geräte. Täglich
versorgen wir unsere inzwischen weltweit über 500.000 Nutzer mit ausgefeilten KeyInsights aus den besten Büchern, die die Nonfiction-Regale des Marktes zu bieten
haben. Hier kommst du ins Spiel! Wir brauchen dich als Unterstützung unseres Teams
aus Lesern, Schreibern und Lektoren verschiedenster Fachbereiche. Du liest gerne
Sachbücher und bist gut darin, komplexes Wissen verständlich aufzubereiten? Dann
ist dieser Job wie für dich gemacht!
Content Werkstudent(in)
We're looking for a Content Workingstudent to join team Blinkist
City: Berlin; Starting Date: At the earliest possible; Duration: unlimited; Renumeration: 400,00€ per
This job ad goes out to all the pioneers, forerunners, mavericks and doers who want to find a purpose
in what they are doing and take responsibility for their actions. With the Blinkist app we’ve created a
meaningful product that is growing fast. Our blinks, key insight summaries of the world’s best nonfiction, help our one million users to learn more, each and every day. In order to improve our content and
help Blinkist grow further, we need you to support the content team in making the audio and written
content amazing.
As our Werkstudent(in) you will:
- Work with the team in our Neukölln HQ 40 hours per month
- Communicate with freelancers on content projects
- Identify top non-fiction books and keep up with publishing trends around the world
- Help us optimize audio content in German and English
- Ensure the outstanding quality of our content
- Keep track of content projects’ progress in our editorial calendars
To do this, we believe you should:
- Be fluent in German and English, and have experience writing and editing in each language.
- Have a very conscientious and accountable work-ethic. In some cases you are the final person to
check on the files before publishing them!
- Have a smart and fun personality. This isn’t a WG interview or anything, but we try and keep our
atmosphere positive, creative, fun, and challenging.
- Have good grades in school and be doing well in university (or at least pushing it!).
- Be currently enrolled as a full-time student – it’s a Werkstudent(in) job, after all.
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Offer postet on 28/11/16
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What We Offer
At our Berlin HQ we offer a fantastic workplace including all the benefits you’d expect – from free
drinks to fresh fruits and furious foosball fights, plus an awesome, smart bunch of coworkers. To run
its organization, Blinkist got rid of its management hierarchy and now operates under its own version
of Holacracy, a system that distributes authority among all colleagues. So, we strongly believe in the
advantages of self-organization and autonomous working: not only do we want you to grow into the
role of our content working student, but we want this role to grow with you, too.
If we’ve captured your interest, apply now and let us know why you are the perfect fit for the job:
More information at
Offer visible until 12/01/17
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Offer postet on 28/11/16