Christmas Market, クリスマス市案内

Sapporo Chamber of Commerce & Industry Project
Volunteer guides needed!
München Christmas Market
in Sapporo!
ミュンヘン・クリスマス市 in Sapporo
The Sapporo Chamber of Commerce & Industry is looking for Hokkaido University
International Students to help us the popular event “München Christmas Market in Sapporo”.
Foreign Language Volunteer Guide
◆Date :November 25th - December 24th
◆Place :Odo ri Park 2 -cho m e
◆Sift : ①11:00~16:00 ②16:00~21:00 ※1person one sift
◆Details:Venue guide for foreign visitors
※You’ll work with work with volunteer staff from The international plaza
※On Sundays you may help Santa on stage for the raffle event.
※Participants will receive one piece of original merchandise.
◆場 所: 大通公園2丁目
◆シフト: ①11:00~16:00 ②16:00~21:00 ※1シフト1名
【締切】 11月18日(金)
札幌商工会議所 国際交流・観光課 担当:関谷/竹谷
Contact to : Ms. Sekiya/Ms. Takeya International Exchange & Tourism Division
The Sapporo Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Email: [email protected] Tel: 011-231-1330
Apply from here!