The News Letter of the Hobart Model Aero Club Inc. June 2014

The News Letter of the Hobart Model Aero Club Inc.
June 2014
PO Box 1117
Rosny Park
Tas 7018
News letter Editor
Stuart Smith 62477423
[email protected]
Meet your Committee for the year 2013/2014.
Michael Hawkins
Vice- President:
Bill Jennings
Michael Van Niekerk
Phillip Wardle
Nils Powell, Jason Bedelph, Adam Combe
From the President
Greeting to all members,
I find myself in the hot seat again, don't ask! it just sort of happened, however now the dust has
settled I am looking forward to working with the new committee and representing HMAC in a
professional manner, I also intend to contribute to our newsletter on a regular basis and try to
improve public relations with our neighbours.
Congratulations go to Colleen Tonks and Peter Hubbard for being nominated and accepted as life
members. Colleen for her years of service running the canteen, organizing the BBQ lunches on
Sundays and special event days, and cleaning up after us lot! Peter has contributed immensely to the
maintenance of our assets such as the sewage/septic tank and watering system, to mention but a
couple, and has devoted a lot of his own time and skills over the years as a 'Mr.Fixit'. Again
congratulations to both Colleen and Peter for jobs well done.
Committee and I look forward to a productive and harmonious new term of office and not forgetting
what HMAC is all about, a lot of flying and a 'limp windsock'!
Regards Mike H.
The Subscriptions for the year 2014/2015 remain unchanged::
$200--Senior member
$150--Spouse of senior member
$180--Senior member holding pension concession card
$130-- Spouse of senior member holding pension concession card
$180--Country member (residing more than 50km from Kelly Field)
$130--Spouse of country member
$55---Junior member (under 18 years on 1 July)
$150---Young member (over 18 and under 24 on 1 July)
$120---Associate member (Senior MAAA member of another club)
$100---Associate member holding pension concession card
$15---Social member
$80.00---HMAC Life Member
$00.00---HMAC and MAAA Life Member
Please note that 2014/2015 subscriptions must be paid by 1st July 2014, if not paid, you are un-insured
and will not be permitted to fly.
First ARF Sky Bolt model in HMAC`s recent history is owned by Jason Bedelph. Plenty of power
available from a Saito FA 125 fourstroke with an output of 2.2 bhp enabling a sparkling performance
when desired.
Manufacturer`s recommended four stroke engine capacity is a .70 to a .91. Bill Gregory and Peter
Ralph were so impressed with Jason`s biplane and it`s excellent flying characteristics that an order
for two SkyBolts was placed with Esprit models in Florida, USA.
Bill`s model is powered by a Saito FA 82, and Peter`s by a Saito FA 120 R3 radial. Both engines have
claims of around 1.4 bhp, so performance is similar for each model, but neither are near the hot
performance of Jason`s model.
One happy camper
The two lower powered models do have good vertical performance available though, and continuous
loops are easily performed, so power is more than adequate. Peter and Bill spent several weeks
working together as a team, fine tuning their respective models. Now each model has exactly the same
excellent handling characteristics. Due to engine weight differences, Bill`s model has two heavy fishing
sinkers on the engine firewall. Peter`s has a light sinker next to the tail wheel.
What has surprised with the SkyBolt, is the speed range. Due to the extra drag of a biplane, top speed
is only moderate, but the slow flying ability is amazing. Complete stability, and absolutely precise
control response at speeds just above walking speed have been achieved easily. Not quite the same low
speed ability as Peter`s Sebart Shark with slats and flaps, but very close.
Peter Ralph
Bob's latest Cub
Eflite Super Cub 25e arf, Span 68", Motor: Power PA Thrust 30 with 12x6 prop.
Weight 5.7 lbs. rtf, Wing loading 19.5 ozs/sq.ft. Power loading 66 watts/lb.
Bob's comment: it goes in the car assembled just!
Peter's new (old) plane
Just a little story on the new ( old ) plane I recently purchased. This is a Messerschmitt BF 109 .
I couldn’t believe that a plane like this would come up for sale , but there you go.
Anyway, it has a wing span of 110 inch , a fuselage of 102 inch, and weighs in at 19.5 kilos. It was
scratch built by Clive Butler some years ago and was sold to Dr Andrew Hutchinson, who then sold it
to me.
The motor is a ZDZ inline twin petrol with two carbies and rates at 100 cc , it swings a 24x 12 inch
prop and holds 1.2 litres of fuel . It also has custom made retracts that are air operated, along with an
authentic looking German world war two pilot that I got sent from the USA. My good friend, Bill
Jennings just happened to have a scale cockpit for this plane which he donated to me to put in the
aircraft, many thanks…..
There were a lot of technical details that had to be addressed, such as cooling the rear cylinder, this
was achieved by some careful though on my behalf and a lot of info sent by HMAC members, once
again many thanks……
The motor now runs well and the rear cylinder is two degrees cooler than the front one. Unfortunately
the motor is prone to vibration and this is still an ongoing issue , so all you can do is check the plane
before every flight.
To date I have had the canopy break off, the wing fell off just on landing , that was a real hoot let me
tell you, the rudder has broken off , the flap on one side came completely off and was trailing
alongside the fuse which was a harrowing experience for me , but surprisingly enough the plane is
very stable and none of the above seemed to make any difference when in fight. The last issues I have
had are the retracts that would not come down , this was resolved by putting in two air tanks , rather
than one , and the front plug keeps on coming loose , because it has a tapered end , however Garry
Sprattling kindly cut down a plug spanner to fit , so now all is well.
So the plane flies really well, take offs and landings are good, so in hindsight it has been a worthy
project as it really does command the skies.
Peter Ederle, (a slightly greyer and more wrinkled pilot after purchasing this plane)
Chris Rowe's latest project
After some two years of indecision Chris Rowe has finally commenced building his next model; it
certainly took long enough! Yes, it will be yet another small IC scale model but, somewhat
surprisingly after all the talk of possible alternatives, another Pottier P 70 S.
This time the model will replicate a very much more recent full size example (pictured), and Chris’s
original plans have now been modified to eliminate all previous deviations from scale, and to reflect
obvious variations in the construction of the more modern version of the aircraft. Construction is now
under way, the challenge being to produce a new model that is not only as easy to fly as the previous
Pottier, but is also a better scale replica than Chris’s existing Turbulent!
The result will be interesting to see.
For Sale
Ducted fan unit and motor
E-Flite Delta-V 15 69 mm unit,
Complete with E-Flite ducted fan brushless motor 3600 Kv
$80.00 the lot, see Stuart
Some members have it easy!!!
Should we tell him?
Who said the New Zealand Moas was extinct