2nd announcement of ConRad 2015

Second announcement
Scope and Purpose of the Conference
The Bundeswehr Institute of Radiobiology affiliated to the University of Ulm will be hosting “ConRad 2015 Conference on Radiation Topics - Preparedness, Response, Protection and Research” (21th Nuclear Medical
Defence Conference from Monday 4th to Thursday 7th of May 2015 in Munich. The conference offers the
particular opportunity to bring together a broad spectrum of German and international experts, civilian and
military, as a forum for professional and multidisciplinary exchange of experience and expertise in this
particular domain.
The gain of combining radiation epidemiology with molecular biology for health effect assessments and the
improved radiation accident management reached by close international networking as well as cooperations
among institutions will be the key topics. Further aspects of the conference comprise new insights in
radiation accident preparedness and management as well as new research findings in radiation
epidemiology, medicine, biology, physics and protection.
Scientific Advisory Board
Marc Benderitter, France
Michel Drouet, France
Rita Schneider, Germany
Mark H. Whitnall, USA
Alice Sigurdson, USA
Kai Rothkamm, UK
Harold M. Swartz, USA
Andrzej Wojcik, Sweden
Conference Topics
1. Radiation epidemiology
2. Cooperation in the field of national, international
and global radiation accident management
3. Radiation emergency medical preparedness and
4. Radiation health effects and medical
5. Effects of low dose ionizing radiation
6. External exposure assessment
7. Decontamination measures and monitoring
8. Biological dosimetry and EPR
9. Radiation risk perception of the public
10. Radiation protection
11. Radiation biology/radiation physics
12. Non-ionizing radiation
Conference Format
The conference will include oral (plenary sessions / scientific presentations) and poster presentations.
There will be no parallel sessions. Experts in selected topics will give invited lectures. In addition to these
invited speakers for plenary sessions, speakers of plenary sessions will be also selected on the basis of their
submitted abstracts if exceptional new or special ideas further enriching and diversifying our program in a
particular way are proposed.
Time Schedule at a Glance
Monday, 4th May, 2015:
from 10:00 am
7:00 pm
Tuesday, 5 May, 2015:
8:00 am – 5:00 pm
6:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Wednesday, 6 May, 2015: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
Thursday, 7th May, 2015
8:00 am – 12:30 pm
icebreaker (officer`s mess)
welcome addresses, scientific presentations
conference dinner
scientific presentations
scientific presentations, closing remarks
The conference will address a broad field of nuclear defence related topics and provide a platform for
international military and civilian experts, defence policy makers, medical planners, researchers and other
military and civilian partner organizations share their experiences and to encourage them to strengthen
this network. We expect a broad spectrum of national and international experts to attend ConRad2015
including experts (about 250 military medical and public health professionals) from different sectors:
- Medicine
- Government and Administration
- Fire and Rescue Services
- Research and Teaching
- Military
- Action Forces (Red Cross, THW)
- Advisory Bodies
- Police
We are pleased to announce that the registration is open. Please note that this year for the first time we
have to charge a conference fee of 40,00 €. So you are cordially invited to register via the homepage:
http://www.radiation-medicine.de until March, 15th 2015.
Data on the conference program, accommodation and the social programme etc. have been posted on the
homepage and will be regularly updated.
In case of problems please contact: [email protected]
Abstract Submission
Abstract submission for oral and poster presentation is open. Please use the online submission form
available on: http://www.radiation-medicine.de
Deadline: December 10th 2014
Conference Language
The official conference language will be English. It is well established that simultaneous English-German /
German-English translation will be provided.
A limited number of rooms are available free of charge in close neighbourhood to the lecture hall on the
premises of the Bundeswehr Medical Academy. The rooms are military basic standard. Not all of them are
equipped with an own bathroom. Military accommodation will be assigned to applicants by February, 28th,
2015 at the latest. Military and governmental participants will be given priority. Additionally, a contingent
of hotel rooms, located in Munich, is reserved to be booked on your own costs. Due to the Logistics
Exhibition 2015 in Munich at the same time, it is recommended to reserve a room in a Munich hotel as
soon as possible.
For detailed information please visit our homepage www.radiation-medicine.de.
If you are assigned a military accommodation which you do no longer need we kindly ask you to inform the
organizers as early as possible!
Industrial Exhibition
The conference will be accompanied by an industrial exhibition arranged by the German Society for Military
Medicine and Pharmacy (GSMMP/DGWMP). There, companies will present their technologies, products and
latest developments as well as their service in the field of radiation protection and laboratory equipment
for radiation research.
Conference Venue / Travel
The conference will be held on military premises (Ernst von Bergmann
Barracks, Lecture Hall. Access to the barracks is possible only through the
main gate and upon presentation of a valid passport or military ID card.
Please make sure that the number entered in the registration form
exactly corresponds to the number shown on your passport/ID.
If your name is not on the list kept by the guard personnel, you may
encounter problems entering the premises. Following registration at the
conference office, you are requested to wear your name tag inside the
barracks at all times.
Venue address:
Ernst von Bergmann Barracks,
Neuherbergstraße 11, 80937 Munich, Germany
For detailed travel information how to reach the venue, please refer to the conference homepage (Item:
Venue & Travel). For local travel information please visit http://www.muenchen.de/int/en/tourism.html.
We are looking forward to meet you or your representatives in Munich in May 2015. Please do not
hesitate to contact us if more information is required: [email protected]
With kind regards we remain,
PD Dr. Matthias Port
Colonel (MC) and Director
(Conference Chairperson)
Bundeswehr Institute of Radiobiology
affiliated to the University of Ulm
Dr. Christina Beinke
(Conference Secretary)