Warriner Satellites Autumn 2014

The Warriner School Former Student Newsletter—Autumn 2014
Welcome to the Autumn
edition of Warriner
I don’t know about you but I always
loved the Autumn term. It was a time
of new school uniform and pencil cases, the fair
and wrapping up warm on Bonfire Night and of
course the glorious run up to Christmas.
The start of the new academic year was a big
transition for our new year seven students who
were looking very smart and nervous at the start of
term. We are glad to say that they have settled in
well and have now become a part of The Warriner
School furniture.
Thank you to everyone who joined us at our BBQ
& Fun Day last July. We had six five-a-side teams
of Warriner ‘Old Boys’ battling it out on the
football pitch and ‘Old Girls’ v current students on
the netball court, as well as a display of archived
photos which brought back lots of happy
Don’t worry if you missed the event as we will be
doing it all again next year—only bigger and
As promised we have been catching up with some
more classmates and digging around in the
archives again in search of vintage photos and
news stories.
As always we would love to know what you are
doing now. If you have any news, memories and
old photos that you would like to share please
[email protected] .
I hope that you enjoy our Autumn edition of
Warriner Satellites.
Catching up with old classmates
Some dates for your diary
My Warriner by one of our ‘Old Boys’
Inspire our students at our next Careers Day 5
Making sweet music
A look through the archives
The Warriner School Former Student Newsletter—Autumn 2014
Gary Wickson class of 1982
What was your most memorable experience at The
Warriner School? I loved my time at the school. The
farm was fabulous and one of my greatest memories
was how good the school was discipline wise, but not
overly so. I remember chess club, the tuck shop and
writing ‘send us home’ on the wall in snow when it
was snowing! I had some fabulous teachers - Mrs
Borthwick, Mr Southcombe and Mr Perrett to name
but a few. They really were wonderful years.
What did you do after leaving The Warriner School? After leaving
school I moved to Devon with my parents where I got a YTS position in a
nursing home for five years. I loved caring for people so much that I
commenced my nurse training in the May of 1991. Once qualified I
worked for years in cardiology before joining Intensive Care in 2000. I
really found my vocation working with the critically ill and still work
there now in my role as Charge Nurse.
Along the way I got married to my wife of 25 years and had a daughter
who has just gained her degree in Paediatric nursing at Great Ormond
Street Hospital, London. I have to say I am having a fantastic life and I
think my time at The Warriner School played a big part in getting me
ready for it.
What are you doing now? I work as a charge nurse in the Intensive Care
Unit of my local general hospital. It is a ten bedded unit looking after
severely ill people. My role is split between the unit and critical care
outreach. I assess critically ill patients throughout the hospital ensuring
early recognition, early treatment and if necessary early admission to
Outside of work I love to write poetry and
have three Amazon published books.
(Gary has kindly written a poem about his
memories of The Warriner School which
you can read on Page 4)
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Take a couple of
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The Warriner School Former Student Newsletter—Autumn 2014
Ian Stanley Class of 1987
What was your most memorable
experience at The Warriner
I have so many fond memories and
owe a great many thanks to the
likes of Mr Curtis and Mr Thomas
(PE), Mr Boult (Metalwork), Madam
Middleton, Mrs Curtis, and the enigma that was Mr
Perrett. The school had a great atmosphere and was
quite radical for its time. I played rugby for the school
which sparked a life-long love of the game.... even on
frosty mornings. To quote Mr Curtis "its only pain boy
it goes away". To be frank I just grew up here and to
my own shame I never tried hard enough to take full
advantage, but the school definitely tried hard with
What did you do after leaving The Warriner School?
After my O Levels I went onto take a BTEC course. I
then went into the transport industry and worked my
way through Telesales, Technical Sales, Sales
Representative, Sales Manager up to Sales Director.
Some dates for your diary…..
Friend of the Warriner School (FOWS)
Christmas Craft Fair, Saturday 15th
November, 1pm—4pm
FOWS Quiz night, Friday 28th November,
7.30pm, tickets £7.50 (includes food)
Carol Service, Monday 8th December,
7pm, free entry
Christmas Concert, Tuesday 16th
December, 6.30pm, tickets £3
A Level music recital, Wednesday 21st
January, 7pm, tickets £3
What are you doing now?
I am now MD and owner of two companies and
somehow 43, married with two beautiful kids, bald,
fatter and my knee has now started falling to bits!
(In the summer term we
asked our Old Girls and
Boys to help us think up
a name for our Former
Student Community. We
would like to thank Ian
for his brilliant suggestion
of ‘Warriner Satellites’.)
FOWS Quiz Night, Thursday 23rd January,
7.30pm, tickets £7.50 (includes food)
School Production of Hairspray 11th &
12th February details tbc
Look out for further details on these and
other events on our Warriner Satellites
Facebook Page
The Warriner School Former Student Newsletter—Autumn 2014
A poem by Gary Wickson
Winter in the outdoor pool freezing lips of blue
Never did us any harm I guess that much is true
Forgot your swimming trunks boy? Swim then in your Y's
Of course they were my batman ones, oh what a surprise
Class of 82
Bloxham is a little town in the middle of the shire
Off to farm studies to tend the sheep and feed the rams
A church at its centre with the tallest dreaming spire
I helped the teacher in a field give birth to triplet lambs
The hustle and the bustle of that busy little town
Gazing up at Prince a shire horse big and proud
A school at the heart of it with a uniform of brown
Covered in rosettes, he stood out from the crowd
I'm going back to the eighties; I'm eleven years of age
Time of Police and Madness and big tie knots all the rage
I remember well my first day, a first year shiny and new
I am walking fast wide eyed like first years always do
Standing outside the French room for laughing loud in class
Not one of my best subjects I'll be lucky if I pass
Cheering when the snow fell cheering one and all
Writing in snow send us home, high on a brick wall
Excited chatter in the playground new friends there to be met
Meeting teachers in assembly, wondering which ones will I get?
Mr Southcombe teaching history he brought life to every page
Do that tie up properly boy but sir it's all the rage
Spit balls and chess club though not at the same time
Photography in the dark room, develop fix and prime
In a breath it was time to go I loved it from the start
My Warriner memories stay with me kept deep within my heart.
The Warriner School Former Student Newsletter—Autumn 2014
Your subject needs
National Careers Week runs from the 2nd to the 6th
March 2015 and I am planning The Warriner Careers
Fayre for this week along with a series of events to
inspire students to think about their future. Are you
a good presenter who could perhaps give an
inspiring talk about your career? Or could you host a
stand for your company to point out opportunities
for students studying a wide range of subjects
including Drama, Art, P.E, Science and Food
I am looking for help to make this a cracking event.
Do you have a career that
was inspired by a particular
subject at
The Warriner School?
We are planning to section the Main Hall into subject
areas to highlight opportunities that are available to
students with preferences for particular subjects,
which we hope will give scope for interesting ideas.
If you would like an opportunity to showcase your
company and could help to inspire our students
ranging in age from 13 to 18 years please get in
touch. The event will take place from 6pm to 9pm
with the date to be confirmed.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Mr Nigel Smith, Science Teacher & Head of Careers
[email protected]
Making sweet music….
It has been lovely reading your happy memories of the music
department and how much you enjoyed the school choir and orchestra. This seems especially so for the Christmas concerts, which to
quote one of our ‘Old Girls’ “were always such a joyous and professional affair”
This year we were donated a Grand Piano by Mrs Walker (pictured). We
held an Open Piano session at our BBQ & Fun Day to celebrate this wonderful gift and Mrs Eileen Crawshaw, who retired from the school this year had a matching piano stool made as a leaving gift to our school.
We have lots of plans for using the piano over the coming academic year including our Carol Service and
Christmas Concert, an A-level music recital evening and the school production Hairspray (see page 4 for
dates). We would love to see you at these events and we will be posting more details on the Warriner
Satellites Facebook page nearer the time.
The Warriner School Former Student Newsletter—Autumn 2014
A look through the archives
[email protected]
if you would like us to
search the archives for any
specific school trips, news
stories or events.