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Y7 is a unique center designed for innovation germination located in Jaffa, and is part of an international chain of
similar centers. The center introduces alumni from different academic backgrounds and disciplines, different
areas of expertise and talents from Israel and from around the world, with select areas of need that call for the
development of innovative solutions with the potential to combine between social and financial values. The Y7
program prepares and trains its participants in the development process of products and services in regard to
those same needs in a design thinking approach. At the end of the program, the participants are given the chance
to take part in starting a startup company surrounding select ideas, and to meet potential investors and
The Y7 center enables a plasmatic ecology that offers practical experience in innovation and development
processes, and is meant for young people with a vision and an ethical basis, coming from design, engineering,
computers, arts, social entrepreneurship, architecture, business administration, life and social sciences.
At the start of March 2014, a new cycle of Y7 will be starting, with a limited number of places. The
program invites its participants to a lively and unique experience, for a period of 4 months. The
participants are being offered the following:
entrepreneurial development process, based on
advanced methodologies.
A close encounter with global needs and forming a
The opportunity to set up a startup in a valuebased area.
Working with a multi-disciplinary staff.
Personal and professional tutoring and guidance
given by the PenZA group staff, with extensive
world-class experience and professional depth.
Exposure to potential partners and substantial stakeholders.
An inspiring , transforming and meaningful experience whilst taking part in a constructive vision of the
Participation in this program is conditioned on passing an interview and a monthly payment of 400 ILS (a total of
1,600 for the 4 months).
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Admission requirements:
A high sense of creativity, a prophetic imagination and an inner drive for breakthroughs.
A personal commitment and a desire to contribute to a vision of the future.
Leadership skills and an ability to work well within a team, an ability to handle mental difficulties.
Personal responsibility, high credibility and a values-based approach that includes a desire to make a
social and human contribution.
Initiative, good application skills and execution abilities.
A broad perception and a drive to research and acquire knowledge.
If you wish to participate in a candidates' meeting, please send your full name, address, personal/professional
background, e-mail address and phone number to:
[email protected] :‫למידע נוסף‬
55 Ben Zvi Road, Yafo , Israel +972-3-5270111,[email protected] , © All rights reserved