Optimization of Cloud Database Route Scheduling Based on

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Procedia Engineering 15 (2011) 3341 – 3345
Advanced in Control Engineering and Information Science
Optimization of Cloud Database Route Scheduling Based on
Combination of Genetic Algorithm and Ant Colony Algorithm
ZHANG Yan-huaa, Feng Leia, Yang Zhia, a*
Institute of Information Engineering, Shenyang University of Chemical Technology, Shenyang China
For the cloud database route scheduling problem, this paper designed a cloud database route scheduling algorithm
according to the dynamic combination of the genetic algorithm and ant colony algorithm. The initial solution got by the
Genetic Algorithm was transformed into the pheromone initial value, which was needed by ant colony algorithm, then
the optimal solution by the ant colony algorithm was obtained .Genetic control function was set up to control the
opportunity of two algorithm's fusion .This paper proposed a reasonable algorithm ,which could find the required
database rapidly and effectively, reduce the dynamical load of cloud database routing, and improve the efficiency of
cloud computing.
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Key words: Genetic algorithm˗Ant colony algorithm˗Cloud database˗Dynamic routing scheduling;
1. Introduction
Cloud computing is a computer network model, which is combined by the traditional computer
technology˄such as Grid Computing, Distributed Computing, Parallel Computing, Utility Computing,
Network Storage Technology, Virtualization, Load Balance and so on˅and the network technology. It
integrates multiple low cost computers into a powerful computing capability system through the network,
and distribute these powerful computing capabilities among those terminal users by business models, such
as SaaSǃPaaSǃIaaSǃMSP. Cloud database is the data storage and retrieval resource of the cloud computing.
Thus, how to quickly and reasonably find out the best suited to applications's database is always the
different point.
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ZHANG Yan-hua et al. / Procedia Engineering 15 (2011) 3341 – 3345
2 Cloud database
Cloud database system is composed of several sites, which are also called notes. Notes are linked in
the communication network, and each one has its own database, central processing unit (CPU), terminal
and local database management system (LDMS). There for, cloud database system can be regarded as a
union of a series of centralized database systems, which are unified logically, but distributional physically.
Cloud database consists of an immense amount of data systems. A part of them are stored on the cloud,
while some others are constituted by some small and medium-sized service providers's servers. This part of
servers will continuously join or exit from the cloud with the operational state of these companies. Sudden
failures may occurs in nodes and links, and new node or link may also connect to the cloud database at all
times. The distributivity, dynamics, global balance and scalability of the cloud database make the cloud
database to be an extremely large storage resource, but then, they also bring great difficulties to the routing
prediction and recognition.
3 Dynamic Combination of Genetic Algorithm and Ant Colony Algorithm
3.1 Genetic Algorithm
Genetic algorithm, which comes from Genetics and Darwin industry, is a widely used searching
method. It can be used for combinatorial optimization, pattern recognition, machine learning, planning
strategy and information processing. This algorithm has many advantages, such as: doing a global search
quickly and well; simple process of utilizing the evaluation function to search; randomness iterated by
probability mechanism; well associativity of combining with other optimization techniques.
However, It cann't make extensive use of the feedback information from the system, and would make
the blindness of search Meanwhile, when the solving progress reaches a certain rang, more redundancy
iterations are needed, then the speed of the convergency to the optimal solution will drop quickly, which
lead to solve the optimal solution inefficiently.
3.2 Ant Colony Algorithm
The ant colony algorithm based on swarm intelligence is a new bionic evolutionary algorithm
developed in recent years. It simulates the ant's foraging behaviour to solve the complicated combinatorial
optimization problem. It has a positive feedback system, and can converge the optimal solution by
continuously updating pheromones; it has global stochastic optimization characteristics, and is a distributed
optimization method, that is useful for parallel computing; it is a global optimal method, which can be used
to solve both the single-objective optimization problem and the multi-objective optimization problem[1].
Disadvantage: At the beginning, pheromones are insufficiency, so it will take too long time to seek the
accumulated initial pheromones.
3.3 Basic principle of dynamic combination between Genetic Algorithm and Ant Colony Algorithm
Through the research and experiment on genetic algorithm and ant colony algorithm, we find out a
speed-time curve of genetic algorithm and ant algorithm just like Fig.1 shows. For genetic algorithm, there
is a higher speed of the convergency to optimal solution during the preliminary stage˄t0~ta˅, but it will
significantly reduce after ta. However, during the preliminary stage˄t0~ta˅of ant algorithm, the searching
speed is very slow for lacking of pheromones, then after pheromones reach a certain degree˄after ta ˅, the
speed of convergency to optimal solution improves quickly. The basic principle of dynamic combination
between genetic algorithm and ant colony algorithm is that we can utilize genetic algorithm to get initial
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