Student Trustee Senate

Student Trustee Senate Retreat
Education Centre, St. Catharines Room
Wednesday, September 24, 2014
Members Present:
*School Representatives:
Yuchen Xu
Lauren George
Joanna King
Quinn Martin
Lianne Bankert
Justin Dube
Amelia Coull
Chelsea Roberts
Krystal Penner
Vritti Patel
Brad Rung
Melinda Mitterhauser
Yuvan Khandelwal
Sophia Samson
Shanna Ingram
Sarah Ward
Victor Papaiz
Morgan Jenckes
Maggie Culp
Alyssa Weber
Student Trustees:
Vinay Sharma, Centennial Secondary School
Nick Molkoski, E.L. Crossley Secondary School
Dale Robinson, Board Trustee
A. N. Myer
A. N. Myer
DSBN Academy
DSBN Academy
E. L. Crossley
E.L. Crossley
Fort Erie
Fort Erie
Governor Simcoe
Governor Simcoe
Delaney Spencer
Tommy Labonte
Austin Stastny
Jack Feagan
Jordan Lukacs
Teigan Lashford
Zya Aspden
Kennedy Thomson
Niharika Verma
Allyya Shahid
Rachel Dickinson
Katelynn Hilborn
Chrissa Sinnett
Mzin Idris
Justin Broderick
Shaunan May
Duan Parchment
Heather Qureshi
Laura Secord
Laura Secord
Port Colborne
Port Colborne
Ridgeway Crystal Beach
Ridgeway Crystal Beach
Sir Winston Churchill
Sir Winston Churchill
South Lincoln
South Lincoln
St. Catharines Collegiate
St. Catharines Collegiate
*Based on students who “signed-in”
Administrative Advisors:
Ms. Harrison, Student Achievement Leader, Student Success
Mrs. Oliverio, Consultant for Student Success and Guidance Support
Mrs. Riegle, Vice Principal, Ridgeway Crystal Beach High School
Ms. MacKinnon, Superintendent of Secondary Schools
Welcome and Introductions: Role of Student Trustees & Senate
Vinay and Nick welcomed the group and explained the role of the Student Trustees as well as the purpose of the Student
Trustee Senate. Vinay and Nick led an ice breaker activity to help get the group acquainted with one another.
Welcome from the Director: Warren Hoshizaki
Warren Hoshizaki, Director of Education for the DSBN, greeted the Student Senate and welcomed them to their roles as
Student Senate members for the 2014-15 school year.
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Thoughts on Leadership and Balance: Ms. Harrison and Mrs. Oliverio
Ms. Harrison and Mrs. Oliverio led an activity that had students identify important Canadian and world figures, where
students were to list the qualities that make these figures great leaders. Students were then led into a discussion on the
leadership qualities required to work effectively on a team, and healthy ways to maintain life balance. Students were then
asked to reflect and journal on their own leadership qualities, personal goals for this year, and how they intend to maintain
a healthy balance while juggling school, family life, extracurricular activities, jobs, Student Senate responsibilities, etc..
KEY NOTE SPEAKER: Dr. Lisa Linders, DSBN Chief Psychologist
Dr. Linders presented information to the Student Senate on “Mental Health and Well-Being at the DSBN”. She led the
students through a discussion about the Mental Health Continuum, some of the major mental health issues seen in
schools, and the various student supports available at the school and board levels. Dr. Linders also shared the DSBN
Mental Health Strategy Priorities for this year, and shared about numerous Ministry of Education and community
resources available.
Lunch Break: 11:45-12:15 p.m.
Outdoor Team Activities:
Vinay and Nick led the Student Senate members through various simple team-building activities outside that further
helped the group to get acquainted with one another and make decisions as a team.
Senate Discussion: Mental Health Initiative
Vinay and Nick had the Student Senate members list all of the initiatives that currently exist at their schools that support
mental health. Through discussion, the student group decided on their goal for the year - to support the board Mental
Health plan from a student perspective.
Goal Setting: Ms. Harrison and Mrs. Oliverio
Student Senate members were provided with a goal-setting template, where they were to record their action plan for this
year, including their Senate and school goals. At the school level, Senate members will be looking for ways to raise
awareness of mental health issues and to provide peer supports for students (through existing clubs or groups or through
the creation of new clubs or groups, etc.). Goal-setting templates will be revisited again in February and in May so that
students can record and reflect on the progress of their initiatives throughout the school year.
“Speak Up” Grants: – Ms. Harrison
Ms. Harrison explained “Speak Up” Grants, how the proposal process works, and how students could use this type of
grant for some of the initiatives that they are thinking of carrying out this year in terms of their Senate and school goals
around mental health awareness and support.
Closing remarks and thanks to all from Vinay, Nick, Ms. Harrison, and Mrs. Oliverio.
Retreat adjourned at 2:30 p.m.
Next Meeting:
Tuesday, October 21, 2014
7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Education Centre – Board Room