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Advance Notification of Representative Payment
Name of Wage Earner, Self-Employed Person or
SSI Claimant
Social Security Number
Name of Beneficiary (if other than above)
Relationship to Wage
Earner, Self-Employed
Person or SSI Claimant
I understand and agree with the following.
Need for Representative Payee
The Social Security Administration (SSA) has decided that I need someone to manage my
benefits. Because of this, SSA will send my benefits to a representative payee. It is the
duty of the representative payee to use my benefits for my best interests.
Choice of Representative Payee
Summit Payee Services, Inc.
SSA has selected _______________________________________________ to be my
representative payee.
My Right to Appeal
I understand that I have the right to appeal SSA's decision. I can appeal the choice of who
will be the representative payee. In most cases, I can also appeal the decision that I need a
payee. If I appeal, I will have the right to review the evidence in file and submit new
evidence. I understand that I can have a friend, lawyer or someone else to help me.
I understand that I must file an appeal within 60 days. If I file after the 60 day period, I must
have a good reason for not having filed this appeal on time. I have to ask for the appeal in
writing. I will contact an SSA office if I wish to appeal.
Witnesses are required only if this statement has been signed by mark (X) above. If signed
by mark (X), two witnesses to the signing who know the person making the statement must
sign below, giving their full addresses.
1. Signature of Witness
2. Signature of Witness
Address (Number and Street, City State and ZIP Code)
Address (Number and Street, City State and ZIP Code)
Form SSA-4164 (9-1994) ef (5-2005)
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