University House ユニバーシティ・ハウス

第1条 この規程は、第5条に掲げる東北大学(以下「本学」という。)のユニバーシティ・ハウ
第2条 ユニバーシティ・ハウスは、高度の知的交流の機会及び質の高い生活環境を提供する寄宿
第12条 入居者は、施設、設備等の保全及び快適な環境の保持に留意し、次の各号に定める事項
一 居室を居住以外の目的に使用しないこと。
二 居室に本人以外の者を宿泊させないこと。
三 居室及び共用施設は、常に良好な状態で使用し、許可なく工作を加えないこと。
四 火災その他の災害の防止及び保健衛生に留意すること。
五 故意又は過失により、施設、設備等を滅失し、損傷し、又は汚損したときは、その原状回復
六 他の入居者又は近隣住民等に対する迷惑行為等は、行わないこと。
第13条 退居しようとする者は、あらかじめ管理運営責任者に所定の退居届を提出しなければな
2 退居に際しては、居室、設備等について管理運営責任者の指定する者の点検を受け、その指示
第14条 入居者が次の各号のいずれかに該当するときは、速やかに退居しなければならない。
一 本学学生の身分を失ったとき、又は本学において研究若しくは教育に従事しなくなったとき。
二 入居資格を失ったとき。
三 入居期間が満了したとき。
四 寄宿料、共益費又は諸経費を3月以上滞納したとき。
2 前項の規定に違反する入居者については、管理運営責任者が退居を命ずるものとする。
3 前項に定めるもののほか、入居者が次の各号のいずれかに該当するときは、管理運営責任者は、
一 病気その他保健衛生上ユニバーシティ・ハウスでの生活に適さないと認められたとき。
二 停学処分を受けたとき、又は停職処分を受けたとき。
三 休学又は3月以上の留学等に該当するとき。
四 その他ユニバーシティ・ハウスにおける共同生活に著しく支障を来す行為があったとき。
Tohoku University, University House Administrative and Operating Regulations
March 26, 2013
Reg. No. 27
Article 1: These regulations specify matters required for the administration of the Tohoku University
(hereafter, "this university") University House dormitories (hereafter, "UH dormitories") as per
Article 5.
Article 2: The objective of the UH dormitories is to assist with fostering international leaders by
offering housing that provides opportunities for advanced intellectual exchange and high quality
living environments for use by this university's students (here and afterward, this includes foreign
students) and foreign researchers.
Article 3~Article 11 Omission
Facility Maintenance
Article 12: In order to maintain the facility and furnishings and preserve a pleasant environment,
residents must comply with the following.
I. Residents must not use their rooms for any purpose other than habitation.
II. Residents must not allow guests to stay overnight in their rooms.
III. Residents must keep their rooms and the common facilities in good condition, and not perform
any construction/alterations without permission.
IV. Residents will work to prevent fires and other accidents, and maintain a hygienic environment.
V. Residents must pay for the replacement/restoration of any facilities, furnishings etc. that are lost,
damaged, or defaced, whether intentionally or due to negligence.
VI. Residents must refrain from behavior that is disruptive to other residents or the surrounding
Moving-out Procedures
Article 13: Residents wishing to vacate their dormitory must submit an official moving-out form to the
administrator in advance.
2. When vacating the dormitory, residents will undergo an inspection of the room and its furnishings
etc. conducted by a person designated by the administrator, and follow any instructions from
Vacating the Dormitory
Article 14: Residents must immediately vacate the dormitory under any of the following conditions.
I. Loss of status as a student of this university, or upon ceasing research or education activities at
this university.
II. Loss of residence eligibility.
III. Completion of residency period.
IV. Failure to pay housing, maintenance, or other fees for three months or longer.
2. Residents who fail to comply with the previous items will be ordered to vacate the dormitory by the
3. In addition to the above item, the administrator may, via the Tohoku University Student Support
Committee, order residents to vacate the dormitory for any of the following reasons.
I. The UH dormitory is deemed unsuitable for the resident due to illness or other health reasons.
II. The resident is suspended/expelled, or his/her employment is terminated.
III. Academic leave of absence, or study abroad, lasting three months or longer.
IV. Any behavior that is substantially disruptive to other UH residents