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Registration Desk Open (09:00 - 17:00)
Registration Desk Open (09:00 - 14:30)
Algorithm Engineering for Graph Clustering by Prof. Dr. Wagner
Web-Scale Domain-Specific Information Extraction by Prof. Dr. Leser
Coffee break
Parallel Sessions 2
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Parallel Sessions 3
1. Probabilistic Inference with Stochastic
Discrete Clenshaw-Curtis Quadrature by Nico
2. Variable Attention and Variable Noise:
Forecasting User Activity by Cesar Ojeda,
Kostadin Cvejoski, Rafet Sifa and Christian
3. Mining Subgroups with Exceptional
Transition Behavior by Florian Lemmerich,
Martin Becker, Philipp Singer, Denis Helic,
Andreas Hotho and Markus Strohmaier
HS 2 (DB)
1. Discovering Data Transformations in Web
Resources by Ziawasch Abedjan
2. Exploring the Application Potential of
Relational Web Tables by Christian Bizer
3. Massively distributed BIG DATA
management for Enterprises by Franz Färber
4. A Clustering Approach for Holistic Link
Discovery by Markus Nentwig, Anika Groß and
Erhard Rahm
HE 51 (WM)
HE 52 (IR)
1. CAPLAN: An Accessible, Flexible and Scalable 1. An Interactive e-Government Question
Answering System by Malte Schwarzer, Jonas
Semantification Architecture by Sebastian
Düver, Danuta Ploch and Andreas Lommatzsch
Furth, Volker Belli, Alexander Legler, Albrecht
Striffler and Joachim Baumeister
2. Graph n-grams for Scientific Workflow
Similarity Search by David Luis Wiegandt,
2. Building an integrated CBR-Big Data
Johannes Starlinger and Ulf Leser
Architecture based on SEASALT by Kareem
3. A System for Creating and Searching
Semantic Documentation for Conservators by
3. BISHOP – Big Data Driven Self-Learning
Ernesto William De Luca. SemRes
Support for High-performance Ontology
Population by Daniel Knöll, Martin Atzmueller,
Constantin Rieder and Klaus-Peter Scherer
1. Is Web Content a Good Proxy for Real-Life
Interaction? A Case Study Considering Online
and Offline Interactions of Computer Scientists
by Mark Kibanov, Martin Atzmueller, Jens Illig,
Christoph Scholz, Alain Barrat, Ciro Cattuto and
Gerd Stumme
HS 2 (DB)
HE 51 (WM)
1. Towards a case-based reasoning approach
1. Model-Driven Integration of Compression
Algorithms in Column-Store Database Systems for cloud provisioning by Eric Kübler and
Mirjam Minor
by Juliana Hildebrandt, Dirk Habich and
Wolfgang Lehner
2. Case Completion of Workflows for ProcessOriented Case-Based Reasoning by Gilbert
2. Podiumsdiskussion:
Data Sciences - Ein neuer Studiengang oder nur Müller and Ralph Bergmann
eine (Informatik-)Vorlesung?
2. Min-Hashing for Probabilistic Frequent
3. SEMAFLEX - Semantic Integration of Flexible
Subtree Feature Spaces by Pascal Welke, Tamas Moderated by Kai-Uwe Sattler
Workflow and Document Management by Lisa
Horvath and Stefan Wrobel
Grumbach, Eric Rietzke, Markus Schwinn, Ralph
Bergmann and Norbert Kuhn
3.Sampling Methods for Random Subspace
Domain Adaptation by Christian Pölitz
4. Ähnlichkeitsbasiertes Retrieval von BPMN2.0-Modellen by Maximilian Pfister, Florian
Fuchs and Ralph Bergmann
4. Ontology-based Communication
Architecture Within a Distributed Case-Based
Retrieval System for Architectural Designs by
Viktor Ayzenshtadt, Klaus-Dieter Althoff, Syed
Saqib Bukhari, Andreas Dengel and Ada Mikyas
Registration Desk Open (11:00 - 17:30)
Argument Mining: Manual and automatic annotation of short user-generated texts by Prof. Dr. Stede
Joint Research Session
HS 1
Harmony Assumptions: Extending Probability Theory for Information Retrieval by Thomas Roelleke
Intelligent Enterprise by Dr. Sebastian Wieczorek
Joint Applied Session
HS 1
Case-Based Decision Support on Diagnosis and Maintenance in the Aircraft Domain by Pascal Reuss, Klaus-Dieter Althoff and Wolfram
Case Representation and Similarity Assessment in the selfBACK Decision Support Syste m by Kerstin Bach, Tomasz Szczepanski, Agnar
Aamodt, Odd Erik Gundersen and Paul Jarle Mork
Parallel Sessions 4
1. On the Evaluation of Outlier Detection:
Measures, Datasets, and an Empirical Study
Continued by Guilherme Campos, Arthur Zimek,
Jörg Sander, Ricardo Campello, Barbora
Micenková, Erich Schubert, Ira Assent and
Michael E. Houle
The Evoluation of HyPer by Thomas Neumann
Plackett-Luce Networks for Dyad Ranking by Dirk Schäfer and Eyke Huellermeier
2. Scalable Inference in Dynamic Admixture
Models by Patrick Jähnichen, Florian Wenzel
and Marius Kloft
Scalable Detection of Emerging Topics and Geo-spatial Events in Large Textual Streams by Erich Schubert, Michael Weiler and HansPeter Kriegel
The digital transformation is just the beginning by Dirk Helbing
HS 2 (DB)
HE 51 (WM)
1. From Cloud to Fog and Sunny Sensors by
1. Understanding Mathematical Expressions:
Hannes Grunert, Martin Kasparick, Björn Butzin, An Eye-Tracking Study (Resubmission) by
Andreas Heuer and Dirk Timmermann
Andrea Kohlhase and Michael Fürsich
2. MapReduce Frameworks: Comparing
2. Linked Data City - Visualization of Linked
Hadoop and HPCC by Fabian Fier, Eva Höfer and Enterprise Data by Joachim Baumeister,
Johann-Christoph Freytag
Sebastian Furth, Lea Roth and Volker Belli
3. Query-driven Data Integration by Peter
3. Approaches for Annotating Medical
Schwab, Andreas Wahl, Richard Lenz and Klaus Documents by Victor Christen, Anika Groß and
Erhard Rahm
4. Finding Trees in Mountains -- Outlier
Detection on Polygonal Chains by Michael
Singhof, Daniel Braun and Stefan Conrad
Comparing contextual and non-contextual features in ANNs for movie rating prediction by Ghulam Mustafa and Ingo Frommholz
5. Towards rapidly developing databasesupported machine learning applications by
Frank Rosner and Alexander Hinneburg
Coffee break
Coffee break
Amazon: A Playground for Machine Learning by Dr. Archambeau
Community Meetings
Parallel Sessions 1
HS 2 (DB)
HE 51 (WM)
1. Understanding online financial communities:
1. Synthesizing Invariants via Iterative Learning 1. Robust Query Processing in Co-ProcessorWhat constitutes a valuable information
accelerated Databases by Sebastian Breß,
of Decision Treese by Pranav Garg, Daniel
Henning Funke, Jens Teubner and Volker Markl exchange for users? by Ann-Kathrin Hirzel,
Neider, P. Madhusudan and Dan Roth
Michael Leyer, Nick Russell, Alistair Barros and
Jürgen Moormann
2.The Partial Weighted Set Cover Problem with 2. Visualization-Driven Data Aggregation by
Uwe Jugel and Zbigniew Jerzak
Applications to Outlier Detection and
2. Knowledge Analytics For Workplace
Clustering by Sebastian Bothe and Tamas
Learning by Maria Anna Schett, Stefan
3. SABER: Window-Based Hybrid Stream
Processing for Heterogeneous Architectures by Thalmann and Ronald K Maier
Alexandros Koliousis, Matthias Weidlich, Raul
3. k-Means Clustering via the Frank-Wolfe
Castro Fernandez, Alexander Wolf, Paolo Costa 3. A Reference Model for Anti-Money
Algorithm by Christian Bauckhage
Laundering in the Financial Sector by Felix
and Peter Pietzuch
Timm, Andrea Zasada and Felix Thiede
4. Challenges with Continuous Deployment of
NoSQL-backed Database Applications by Meike 4. Experience - the neglected success factor in
Klettke, Uta Störl, Steffi Scherzinger, Stephanie enterprises? by Edith Maier, Werner Bruns,
Sebastian Eschenbach and Ulrich Reimer
Sombach and Katharina Wiech
HE 52 (IR)
1. Classification of German Newspaper
Comments by Christian Godde, Konstantina
Lazaridou and Ralf Krestel
2. Modern Tools for Old Content – in Search of
Named Entities in a Finnish OCRed Historical
Newspaper Collection 1771–1910 by Kimmo
Kettunen, Eetu Mäkelä, Juha Kuokkala, Teemu
Ruokolainen and Jyrki Niemi
Social Event + Dinner on your own
Poster Session + BBQ
Posters of all oral presentations and additional KDML-poster presentations:
6 Human Categorization Learning as Inspiration for Machine Learning Algorithms
12 Network Analysis with NetworKit – Interactive and Fast
17 Correlated Variable Selection in High-dimensional Linear Models using Dual Polytope Projection
25 Matrix Factorization for Near Real-time Geolocation Prediction in Twitter Stream
67 Sequential Modeling and Structural Anomaly Analytics in Industrial Production Environments
21 Assessing the Quality of Unstructured Data: An Initial Overview
30 Predicting video game properties with deep convolutional neural networks using screenshots
13 Applying Topic Model in Context-Aware TV Programs Recommendation
Closing 1st Day
Closing 2nd Day
4. The Revieval of Subject Analysis: A
Knowledge-based Approach facilitating
Semantic Search by Sebastian Furth, Volker
Belli and Joachim Baumeister
5. Topical Video-On-Demand
Recommendations based on Event Detection
by Tobias Dörsch and Andreas Lommatzsch
Closing 3rd Day
HE 52 (IR)
1. Using key phrases as new queries in building
by Mireille Makary, Michael Oakes and Fadi
2. Vereinheitlichung internationaler
Bibliothekskataloge (65) by Christian Scheel,
Claudia Schmitz and Ernesto William De Luca.