This project was funded by the European Union
Business Information Centre
About Zim-EBIC
Zim-EBIC is the Zimbabwe-EU Business Information Centre within ZimTrade,
forming a part of ZimTrade’s Trade Information Centre.
The facility aims at increasing the capacity of Zimbabwean business operators
to establish mutually beneficial linkages with European counterparts and
act in a manner complementary to the public and private sector agencies of
European Union (EU) member states and of Zimbabwe.
Core responsibilities
Access to and provision of information in response to enquiries;
Response to enquiries by institutions, Small, Medium Sized Enterprises
(SMEs), individuals, the media; thematic seminars and interactive
workshops on relevant topics, e.g EU Market Research, Business
Cultures (communication), Trade Fairs, interim Economic Partnership
Agreement (iEPA), Generalised System of Preferences (GSPs), Tariffs,
Non-Tariff Barriers to Trade (NTBT), standards, Quality Management;
Making best use of visiting or resident experts from European Union
member states and experienced Zimbabwean entrepreneurs (peer-topeer coaching).
Zim-EBIC @ ZimTrade
Developing Viable & Sustainable International Trade
ZimTrade, the national trade development and promotion organisation,
is a unique joint venture partnership between the Private Sector and the
Government of Zimbabwe. It was established in 1991.
Growth in prosperity and employment generation in Zimbabwe through
increased trade
To work with exporters and emergent exporters to facilitate and enable
success in global markets, cognisant of the environmental impact of
business operations.
To provide excellence in world standard services to Zimbabwe’s exporting
Client Focus
For more information on the Zim-EBIC Project contact ZimTrade at 904 Premium Close,
Mount Pleasant Business Park P.O. Box 2738, Harare, Zimbabwe
Tel: +263 (4) 369 330-41 | Fax: +263 (4) 369244 | Email: [email protected]
Web: www.zimtrade.co.zw