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Significant gaps in proficiency alarm experts
US children read, but not well or often: report
NEW YORK, May 12, (RTRS):
Although American children still
spend part of their days reading, they
are spending less time doing it for
pleasure than decades ago, with significant gaps in proficiency, according to a report released on Monday.
The San Francisco-based nonprofit
Common Sense Media, which focuses on the effects of media and technology on children, published the
report, which brings together information from several national studies
and databases.
“It raises an alarm,” said Vicky
Rideout, the lead author of the report.
“We’re witnessing a really large drop
in reading among teenagers and the
pace of that drop is getting faster and
The report found that the percentage of nine-year-old children reading
for pleasure once or more per week
had dropped from 81 percent in 1984
to 76 percent in 2013, based on government studies. There were even
larger decreases among older children.
A large portion rarely read for
pleasure. About a third of 13-yearolds and almost half of 17-year-olds
reported in one study that they read
for pleasure less than twice a year.
Of those who read or are read to,
children tend to spend on average
between 30 minutes and an hour daily
with that activity, the report found.
Older children and teenagers tend to
read for pleasure for an equally long
time each day.
Rideout cautioned that there may
be difference in how people
encounter text and the included studies may not take into account stories
read online or on social media.
The report also found that many
young children are struggling with literacy. Only about one-third of fourth
grade students are “proficient” in
reading and another one-third scored
below “basic” reading skills.
Despite the large percentage of
children with below-basic reading
skills, reading scores among young
children have improved since the
1970s, according to one test that
measures reading ability.
The reading scores among 17-yearolds, however, remained relatively
unchanged since the 1970s.
About 46 percent of white children
are considered “proficient” in reading, compared with 18 percent of
black children and 20 percent of
Hispanic kids.
Those gaps remained relatively
unchanged over the past 20 years,
according to the report.
“To go 20 years with no progress
in that area is shameful,” Rideout
The report highlights some behaviors that have been tied to children
being more frequent readers. Those
behaviors include parents setting
aside time to read with their children
and parents reading themselves to
model good behavior.
A trip to Paris
IES students experience
art, literature of France
KUWAIT CITY, May 12: A crew of 21
students of IES, Kuwait visited Paris, the
city of lights in connection with the educational trip to experience the cultural
heritage, architectural symphony and the
sophistication in art and literature of
France. The group along with 2 members of staff set off to Paris on 22nd
March from Kuwait International
The imaginative recreation and the
boundless excitement about the sight of
a variety of museums, theatres, monuments and architectural styles kept the
party alive throughout their journey on
board. The party reached Paris on 23rd
March and the overwhelming beauty, the
serene atmosphere and mesmerizing
panorama welcomed the team to the land
of art.
The educational tour began with a
cruise in river Seine. The 60 minutes
cruise with audio guides provided an
insight into the glorious heritage of
France. The Sacré Cœur Basilica,
designed by Paul Abadie on Montmartre
hills was the next cherished destination.
The children were awestruck at the
poignant structures and stained glass
works which carved indelible imprint in
the hearts of all.
Centre Georges Pompidou, a place of
verve and vitality was visited by the
team. The lovers of fine arts among the
Bhavanites were stupefied by beauty and
elegance of the paintings of Pablo
Picasso,Chagall, Matisse, Kandinsky
and other innumerable artist who lived
among the arts for art’s sake. A visit to
Notre dame Cathedral was really a feast
to eyes, the coordination and combination of French gothic style of architecture satiated the inquisitiveness of everyone.
Many of French masterpieces such as
the Louvre and the Arc de Triomphe are
iconic buildings, especially its interna-
A photo from the trip
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Six students teams that made it to the final.
6 teams make it to grand finale
KQ Matters quiz draws huge response
By Paul Francis X. Fernandes
Arab Times Staff
Matters (Knowledge Quotient
Matters) General Knowledge Quiz,
perhaps the most prestigious and the
most remarkable general knowledge
quiz contest was conducted by an
educational institution for the knowledge-hungry students of Indian,
Bilingual and International schools in
the country.
The scientifically chosen rounds of
quizzing by prominent and experienced quiz masters and attractive
prizes set KQ apart from other quiz
contests conducted for school children in the country.
The preliminary-cum-elimination
round of KQ Matters 2014 was held
at the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan
Kuwait on Saturday, May 10, 2014.
The preliminary round was open to
any number of pairs from all the participating schools.
There were 65 teams comprising
130 students from 15 schools within
the country. The contestants appeared
for a written examination in the
school premises soon after registration.
The questions were chosen by a
panel of subject experts after carefully sifting through more than 300
questions prepared by the KQ Matters
Resource Team in utmost confidentiality.
The results of the elimination
round were declared by Principal T.
Premkumar amidst applauses in the
school auditorium that was packed to
the rafters with parents, teachers and
contestants from the participating
The six teams that made it to the
grand finale of KQ Matters-2014 are
as follows:
Allen Thomas and Sanjay Samuel
Mathew from the Gulf Indian School,
Sonal Bera and Darin Sunil of United
Indian School, Akshay Girish and
Mohammed Mishal of ICSK Khaitan,
Rithika Raghupathy and Karthikeyan
Suresh of ICSK Senior, Shaein
Malamel and Vivek Prasad of ICSK
Amman Branch, and Aaron Samuel
Jacob and Murtaza Hatim Rangwala
of Carmel School, Kuwait.
The principal congratulated the
winners for their outstanding abilities.
The KQ Matters 2014 Grand Finale
will be held after the summer vacation at the Indian Educational School
members will be coming to Kuwait under
the auspices of the CEO of Kuwait
Energy, Ms Sara Akbar (also a member of
C200). A group of around 25 of AUK’s
top female students from the College of
Business and Economic will be participating in the workshop with the C200 members, which will focus on topics related to
women’s leadership in business. This is an
excellent opportunity for AUK students to
network and engage in discussions with
high profile female business leaders from
around the world. The women will be
sharing their success stories, and will give
students valuable advice and information
on how to develop themselves, their businesses, and their careers, and how to be
successful as a new generation of female
business leaders.
The opening session will take place
from 9-10 am, after which the students
will break into smaller groups with the
committee members for smaller discussions. Press are welcome to attend the
opening session. The workshop will take
place in the AUK library (American
May 16
FBC tournament: Filipino Badminto
Committee (FBC) is inviting all badminton enthusiast in Kuwait to join their
regular badminton tournament being held
every Friday from 8 am to 7 pm at Kuwait
Disabled Sports Club, Bin Khaldoun
School participates in Int’l Youth Conference
Bhavanites in pursuit of new horizons
KUWAIT CITY, May 12: Bharatiya
Vidya Bhavan set another example of
being at the helm of trendsetting when
their team represented the school at the
second International Youth Conference
on ‘Changing weather patterns’ organized by ‘The Achievers Program’
Chandigarh at the prestigious The
Doon School, Dehradun on 21 & 22
April, 2014 to celebrate the spirit of
Earth day.
The presentation on ‘Climate Change
- The past and the present’ by the
Bhavan’s team comprising Vanshika
Gandotra and B.V.Srividya was much
approbated by everyone present at the
The thesis as well as the presentation
presented at the conference was the out-
come of the extensive research carried
out by the students under the guidance of
Mrs Meenakshi Nayyar, the head of the
department of Social Science.
The expert panel including the
Headmaster of Doon Scool, Peter
Mclaughlin and the CEO of The
Achievers Program Taranveer Singh
appreciated the Bhavanites for their
verve, style and confidence.
The presence of 35 leading schools
like The Doon School, Mayo College
Ajmer, Scindia School Gwalior,
Maharani Gayatri Devi School, Jaipur,
Welhem’s Academy Dehradun and
Camp Bay School, South Africa raised
the level of presentations to great
heights. The interactive sessions that
followed each presentation were novel
and informative. Students shared their
ideas and pledged their commitment to
reduce carbon footprints affecting the
earth’s environment.
Dr Y.V.N. Krishnamurthy, Director of
Indian Institute of Remote Sensing,
Dehradun was the chief guest who
enriched the audience with India’s initiatives in launching different types of
satellites. Another highlight of the conference was the presence of eminent
guest speakers. Highly inspiring
thoughts were shared by Anand Sharma,
chief of Indian Meteorological Dpt. in
Dehradun and Ms. Jodie Underhill, CEO
of Waste Warriors, an NGO with the sole
aim of cleansing India and making people aware of proper way of garbage disposal.
tionally recognized symbol, the Eiffel
Tower. The Eiffel tower, the iconic symbol of French tradition attracted visitors
with its grandeur in its posture, and the
Bhavanites were elated at the sight of
this master craft of monarchy.
The panoramic view of the Paris city
from the upper platform of the Eiffel
tower pulsated the hearts of all with perfect bliss. The visit to royal chateau in
Versailles stamped a royal mark of eternal pillars of arts and sculptures in the
minds of the exhilarated sightseers of
Bhavan family.
The invaluable treasures in the
chateau were incredible and inimitable.
Then, at Musee du Louvre Students
explored the most superior and the most
refined collection of drawings, paintings, sculptures and engravings in the
museum. Musee du Louvre opened the
door to an enchanted land of famous
paintings and sculptures in front of the
young seekers of knowledge. Mona
Lisa, the most famous painting of
Leonardo Davinci was the icing on the
A journey through the world of paintings and traditional arts gave way to
leisure and merriment when the party
reached Disneyland in Paris. A whole
day was spent in jollity and adventure as
the children explored discovery, Fantasy,
Frontier and Adventure Lands in the
Bhavans once again proved that its
multi-dimensional approach towards
education sets it apart from the propagators of bookish-rote learning as Bhavans
has always stood in the forefront of
child-centered education. The very
many educational tours, spur-of the
moment assessments and its widely
acclaimed Digital Campus are the testimony to its commitment to molding
global citizens for tomorrow and not
mere impartation of blind bookish facts.
Hawalli. Over 10 badminton courts are
now available for badminton practices and
tournament and it is open for all nationalities and from different badminton organizations. Exclusive-private court are also
available on per hour rental. For more
information, please contact Dr Chie
Umandap – 97197268
May 25
Ukraine Embassy polling station:
The Embassy of Ukraine in the state of
Kuwait would like to inform that the
external polling station No 900046 of the
Presidential elections was created in the
embassy’s premises at the following
address: Hawalli, Jabriya, Bl 10, St 6,
Build 5.
The working hours of the polling station: Sunday-Thursday from 15:00-17 pm.
On May 25, 2014 the working hours of
the polling station from 8:00am to 08:00
Citizens of Ukraine are kindly advised
to refer to the Embassy’s website to check
their data in the Electoral Register as well
as to pick up their personal invitation
from the polling station if they did not
receive this document by post.
May 24
IEI seminar and election: The
Institution of Engineers (India), IEI
Kuwait Chapter is pleased to announce
that the Election for the year 2014-2015
shall be held on Saturday, May 24 at
Salmia Indian Model School Hall, Salmia,
To encourage more participation we
have organized a technical seminar on the
topic of “Energy Systems in Geobiology”
and shall be delivered by Engr. P.
Sundararajan, former chairman of IEI
Kuwait Chapter.
Thereafter the elections for the New
Executive Committee shall be held. All
those corporate members who are interested to contest for the Executive Committee
which will be consisting of chairman,
general secretary, treasurer and 9 EC
members can obtain the nomination form
from IEI, Kuwait chapter office located at
KSE premises.
The seminar shall start at 7.00pm followed by the election.
For further information please contact
IEI, Kuwait chapter office between 5.30
pm. To 8.30 pm Sunday through Thursday
by tel. 22445588 ext 314 OR by email
[email protected] for any further
details kindly contact Engr. Karunagaran
(99879569), Engr. Fareed (69001722)
May 30
Multilingual Kavi-Sammelan:
Writers’ Forum Kuwait is proud to present
its 4th Multi-Lingual KaviSammelan/Mushaira/Poetry Reading.
Poets shall present their poetries in varied
Indian languages such as Dogri, English,
Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam,
Photo from the event
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