The current year will generate new multilateral and

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Year IV – 01/14 # 27 January 2014
The current year will generate new multilateral and bilateral dynamism. 2014 will be an European election year
but also a year which is expected to witness a better European economic environment. At the next EU Council in
February, heads of state and governments will discuss strategies to be adopted in order to relaunch and strengthen
economic life in the member states. Belgium has in this respect proposed a concept paper on industrial policy. Also
in multilateral relations, 2014 will contain the celebration of 10 years NATO membership of Romania as well as the
nomination of a new Secretary General, defining equally NATO strategies in view of the London summit in
December. In the bilateral relations, high level political visits are on the programme, as well as a series of
celebrations for 25 years of activities in Romania of Belgian civil society organizations. Company wise, the Belgian
presence in Romania will be strengthened and further consolidated with in February, Chevalex inaugurating its
new premises south of Bucharest and Reynaers Aluminium showing a successful cooperation with C.C.A.
TehnoREX in Belgium. Also starting a strong 2014 is WDP, expecting to total 30.000 m of rented warehousing.
2014 will eventually be the year of the masterplan for the Gara de Nord project which from Belgian side is
managed by Eurostation and hopefully the year of numerous piling jobs for Willemen Carpaţi. Like the three
previous years, a large range of activities will be presented in the BNL on a monthly basis, including the
organization of a second Belgian Week in Crown Plaza Hotel from April 22 till May 1 and for the Red Devils in
their participation in the Brazil World Soccer Championship, a customized Bucharest winners programme.
Philippe Beke
Ambassador of Belgium
Newly established subsidiary of Reynaers Aluminium in Romania found in
C.C.A.TehnoREX a professional partner to execute a first project together in Belgium
Reynaers Aluminium ( with headquarters in Duffel (Prov Antwerpen),
started its activities in 1965 and has since then gradually developed its business to become
today a leading European provider of innovative and sustainable solutions for doors and
windows, curtain wall systems, sliding sunshades greenhouses and solar energy solutions. With
over 1500 staff, the company is present in 37 countries and exports in over 60 countries
worldwide, generating a 315 million Euro turn-over (2012). Present on the Romanian market
since 1997, Reynaers has participated in major projects, in Bucharest and most important cities from
Romania, Cluj, Braşov, Craiova, Iaşi, Timişoara, Oradea, Constanţa (some e.g. Otopeni Airport, AFI Business Park, Auditorium
Pallady, Cobico Residence, Promenada Mall, Braşov Business Park, Cluj Airport). In order to consolidate its activities in
Romania, it was decided to turn its rep office in Romania into a subsidiary starting from January 2014. Reynaers srl
( aims further engagement on the Romanian market but also seeks cooperation with quality driven Romanian
companies. One of these companies is Bucharest based C.C.A. TehnoREX (, one of the largest Romanian
companies in the field of aluminum joinery and curtain walls, with a national presence since 1996. After having successfully
worked together in Romania, both companies now finalize an impressive project in Gent, called Artevelde Park, located near
the Ghelamco Arena. With a total surface of 13.500 m², the project, that started in June 2013 and is due to be inaugurated by
mid February, is an outstanding example of innovative engineering driven by integration of high design skills, advanced health
and safety policies and class management performances. Info [email protected] and [email protected]
Chevalex opens a state of the art production hall in Belciugatele
Established in Rekkem (Western Flanders), meat processor Chevideco
( finds its origins in 1946 as a family business which it still is today. The
group meanwhile has become a world leader with production facilities operating in Belgium,
France, Romania, USA, Argentina and Mexico. The activities of the Romanian daughter which started in 2002,
buying live stock or carcasses on a selective basis and processing the meat, with a wide product range covering quarters,
pistolas, boned meat, vacuum-wrapped meat, prepacked consumer packages and frozen meat. Only authorized suppliers that
can prove track record of regular audits are allowed to supply. Chevalex’ specific cutting meat techniques and vacuum
packaging know how is unique for Romania. The 1.700 tons of meat that is processed yearly in Romania is exported to the
group distribution center in Rekkem, from where customers worldwide are being served, covering Italy, France, Switzerland,
Sweden, Denmark, Russia, Japan to China. In 2013, the group invested 2 million euro in the construction of a new production
hall in Belciugatele (Calaraşi county) where 1.000 m² will host the new production lines, all operations in the chain being
subject to HACCP and IFS 2009-2010 standards. With the inauguration in February, Chevideco will operate with its new
Romanian plant the largest and most modern plant in the sector. Info: [email protected]
At the powerlunch of 17.01 BEROBA members had the opportunity to exchange views with Dante Stein, Prime
Minister's Ponta Economic Man, on the 2014 expectations for Romanian business environment, an issue that the
newly established business platform Coaliţia, of which BEROBA is member, follows closely. Next powerlunch,
free of charge for BEROBA members, is scheduled for Thursday 27.02. Also for March BEROBA will host a
powerlunch whereas from April 22 till May 1 the Second Belgian Week will be organized at Crown Plaza Hotel.
Watch out for upcoming BEROBA activities and surf for membership applications on
Warehouses De Pauw heading for 30.000 m rented surface in Romania in Q1 2014
Active in Romania since 2007, Warehouses De Pauw - WDP ( with
headquarters in Wolvertem (prov Flemish Brabant), engaged in different projects in
Bucarest, Piteşti, Constanţa, Ploieşti and Braşov. End of 2013, WDP Romania
successfully closed the first phase of its Codlea Industrial Park (judet Braşov) by renting out 6.500 m to
Intercars. In Q1 2014, another 3.000 m in Oarja Industrial Park (judeţ Piteşti) will be rented out to Roechling Automotive,
totaling the Romanian WDP surface under rent at 23.000 m . Yet another 7.000 m is projected to reach 30.000 m . WDP
buildings outperform in energy management, are equipped with photovoltaic rooftops and are fully compliant with BREEAM
certifications. Considering also European green policies, WDP built and owns 2 photovoltaic ground parks of 15 MW near
Bucharest, providing CO2 neutral industrial and logistics activities at competitive prices. Cfr [email protected]
First piles machine of Willemen Carpaţi in Romania
Willemen Carpaţi, second daughter company of Willemen in Romania, has shipped the
first Bauer machine BG20 H to Bucharest. Started in 2012, the company focused in 2013 on
special foundation works with screw piles and CFA piles next to other metal structures. With
the new machine, the company is now able to execute 550 linear meters per day. Willemen
Group, who received the Belgian ‘Enterprise of the Year’ award in 2013, is a Mechelen based, internationally
active group of companies in construction and engineering. More info :, [email protected]
Gara de Nord project sets off for a masterplan in 2014 with Eurostation as partner
In 2011 the Governments of Romania and Belgium concluded an MOU for Public Public
Partnership, aiming at the modernization and extension of the railway infrastructure of Gara de Nord.
Inaugurated in 1872, Gara de Nord today hosts 14 tracks and 8 platforms, but is a ‘dead end station’.
Constructing a tunnel under the city center of Bucharest will give Gara de Nord a more important role
as a node point in the rail network and is necessary for a perfect functioning high speed line on the PanEuropean Corridor IV (from Dresden to Istanbul) and IX (from Helsinki to Alexandroupolis). The total value of the project is
estimated at 2,5 billion euro. The first important mission of the joint company is the establishment of a masterplan. The
shareholders of the new joint venture company, CFR INFRA S.A. ultimately owned by the Romanian Ministry of Transportation
and EUROSTATION N.V. respectively owned by the Belgian Ministry of Transportation will give a project presentation at the
Belgian Residence on Tuesday 18 of February at 15:00. Info: [email protected]
ADR-Vlaanderen marks the pace after 25 years of successful Belgian Romanian collaboration
Launched in Brussels in February 1989, OVR-ADR was founded as part of the European action
“Save the Romanian Villages”. Some 350 Belgian municipalities and cities at that time adopted a Romanian
village. Other countries followed the example of Belgium, involving thus some 30 million European citizens.
Their action was addressed against the plan of the Ceausescu regime to destroy some 8000 villages and
small towns and relocate the populations to newly created urban zones. This strong reaction from Belgian and other civil
societies saved a large number of local entities under siege. After the fall of the regime in December 1989, OVR and its
entities in Belgium and elsewhere saw the great needs of a population that was suffering. That is how different convoys were
organised and the first campaigns of humanitarian emergency aid were set up early 1990. Amongst the many volunteers, also
liberal leader and later Belgian Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt who participated in these first convoys, still vividly remembers
how it was to bring relieve to Romania. Gradually the humanitarian emergency aid switched to structural humanitarian
cooperation. Today in Flanders, Actie Dorpen Roemenie ( gathers some 120 organizations, cooperating
with Romanian partners. Directly or through the foundation “The Open Network for community development” in Romania. 2014
is an important year not only because of the 25 years of December revolution, but because the engagements of different local
communities looking back to the first convoys or to the first steps in establishing twinning programmes with Romanian
municipalities. ADR-Vlaanderen has prepared a full program for the silver jubilee. On February 28 the festivities start with a
launching event at the Residence of the Romanian Ambassador in Brussels. During this event past, present and future will
merge together through testimonies of ADR-Vlaanderen pioneers, volunteers of today and youngsters active in Romania.
Furthermore in 2014 a variety of activities are planned in Romania and Flanders. Info: [email protected]
……….Flash ……….
Honorary Consul for Romania Jean-Marie Denis passed away in Antwerpen beginning of January* Romanian professor
Stefan N. Constantinescu, a full member of the Romanian Academy of Medical Sciences but also a well known personality of
the Romanian community in Belgium, working currently at the UCL Duve Institute, was elected Member-Associate of the
Belgian Royal Academy of Medicine* Royal Antwerp Football Club, one of the oldest soccer clubs in Belgium playing for
the 2013-2014 season in Belgian second division, signed an exchange programme for youth players with Dinamo Bucharest*
Belgian pralines are progressing well in Romania. Neuhaus, Leonidas and Carels (shop in str Dorobantilor shifted to str 17
Batistei - Delicii libaneze), registered record sales on the year end and prepare with special gift sets for Valentine’s day* After
the GDM supported presence of a Belgian frietkot at the 2013 King’s Day reception in Bucharest, nothing can stop frietkoten to
be recognized as cultural heritage* Food for historians: the January 2014 edition of Historia covers a story of Peter Paul
Rubens as artist-diplomat* Arthis Association in Brussels inaugurated an online Romanian radio – check on
15.02 Sint-Niklaas Huize De Meerleer – Cheese and wine evening in support of Măgura Ilvei* 15.02 Erpe-Mere zaal SintAnna 20:00 Theater “De Kleine Vrede” in support of Chiro Homorod* 19.02 Bucharest Bistro Art Nouveau, formerly known
as Caffé Leffe 21:00 - [email protected] # 23.02 at 19:00 [email protected] with the play Aggressive
Mediocrity* 23.02 Geel zaal Elsum – Geels Roemeniëkomitee opens its yearly Romania restaurant from 11:30 till 14:00 and
17:00 till 19:00 - [email protected]* 22.04 Herselt PZ Blauberg 20:00 – Music quiz in support of Romania
programmes. Inscription till 15.02 [email protected]* Every Tuesday 15% discount for Belgian beers -