March 2014 - Murray Hill Neighborhood Association

MHNA Trustees’ Meeting
11 March 2014
Present: Diane Bartow, Marisa Bulzone, Susan Demmet, Marea Edynak, Tom Horan, Ellen Imbimbo, Enid
Klass, Meiko Kojima, Shirley McLeod, Ashley Petrylak, Anoop Punjabi, Matt Roberts, Barbara Sagan, Ann
Marie Salmeri, Nancy Sheran, Elaine Silber, Marion Weingarten
The President called the meeting to order at 7:00 P.M.
1. Approval of prior minutes
2. Schedule and cut off dates
a. Newsletter – All content due 3/25/14
i. Content – all working issues, P&D, hoops, bike safety, street festival
ii. Newsletter will be sent end of April in print and electronic format (PDF and
b. Inserts by 3rd week of April
3. Events schedule 2013-2014
a. New York City Ballet – 5/25/14
b. Street Fair – 6/7/14 (confirmed after meeting)
c. Library Tour – Tues or Wed in July 2014
i. Drinks after at Astro Gems
d. Volunteer event (possibly at Pod 39) – Sunday or Monday in June 2014
e. Valentine’s Event a success – door prizes were well received
4. Working issues
a. Political contacts list – Trustees should note that use of the names on this list need to be
b. Still settling in with the new administration
c. Midtown East Rezoning – Carl Weisbrod, City Planning Commissioner appointed
i. Until Mayor DeBlasio makes policy statement, all are in a holding pattern
d. 3 Avenue – no updates
e. Vendors – CB8 is managing well, 34th St Partnership sits on committee and they are
having good discussions and work is progressing. MHNA recommended that CB8 get in
touch with CB6 and CB5.
f. Bike Safety – no updates
i. Marisa to set up meeting with Polly Trottenberg, Transportation Commissioner
1. Discuss putting buses on 34th St instead of 35th
2. Regulate times during rush hour when there is no parking to improve
traffic flow
3. Take turn sign down on 34th and 1st Avenue
g. Expansion of Historic District – petition now online, 190 signatures online as of 3/10/14
(get letters of support, newsletter article, letter for those without email, resend eblast
next month)
5. Committee reports
a. 9-11 Park Avenue – no updates, believed the lease expires in 2015
b. Proposed 34th Street liquor store – did not get their license
i. We need to be careful in cases like this – schools often have more success when
they approach community board directly
c. CB6
i. Transportation – Met last Monday. There was much discussion about Project
Zero, slow zones, and dangerous intersections in the area.
1. Discussion about 33rd Street becoming a 2 way street – would have
impact on the Kimmel building. No new updates. Also will be discussed
at next Land Use meeting.
2. Trying to get better communication on location of 34th St SBS bus stop.
Looks like it’s in place for now at old location.
3. 33rd St – Empire State Building wants this opened up for traffic flow (CB5
ii. Public Safety and the Environment - will be meeting 3/17/14. The agenda
includes discussion and possibly a resolution about city council Int 0017-2014 (in
relation to after-hour work authorizations), which is meant to curb the rubber
stamping of afterhours work permits.
1. Full calendar here -
2. Work continues on St. Vartan Park. Nick should have more info after
CB6's full board meeting on Wednesday 3/12/14
3. Kips Bay Neighborhood Alliance's Quality of Life Forum is 3/13/14 6:308:30 -
4. KBNA will be doing street plantings along 2nd and 1st Zve in April
Saturday 4/19/14 and Saturday 4/26/14 currently planned. The later
will conflict with the ivy planting. More details to come on exact timing
and location.
5. KBNA is also planning a cleanup event for Glick park. Date TBD as they
are still working with Parks Department and Partnership for Parks to
determine what can be done.
6. KBNA will hold a community day on 5/17/14
d. Website
i. Issues with credit card/data fraud have been resolved and memberships can
now be paid for through the website again.
e. Greening
i. TY to those to emailed in damaged tree guards/hoops. Please continue to do in
the future with address included (helps Tom locate the issue)
1. Margot Kane – new volunteer (Marion has another person from Vday
ii. Contracts from Urban Arborists and Tony Greenery back for all greening
committee work (everything except malls)
iii. Mary Silver – put Tom and Marion in touch with Hanna Fuerst (soprano) for a
possible trio concert
1. Put together an event for MHNA, possibly after summer? Community
church? Opus Dei?
iv. New trees
1. New tree on Lexington between 34th on 35th
2. Leaning trees on 35th St near the New Church, Tom is working with city.
Dangerous condition.
v. 3rd Ave ivy planting date has been set for 4/26/14 (5/3/14 rain date). 9:00 am;
meeting place is 166 E 35th Street SW corner
f. Street Fair – 6/7/14 (confirmed after meeting)
1. Silent Auction – Tom has commissioned businesses to take tables, as
well as silent auction prizes. This year do mailing to past participants
and have Trustees take gift forms (3-5) to businesses.
2. Tom will update at next meeting
g. Social media
i. 160 likes
ii. In February 852 people were reached
iii. Last week 43 engaged with the site through liking posts, commenting, or sharing
posts, which is more than usual. This is likely due to the P&D petition that was
iv. Please send photos and posts to Marea
v. Trustees should also share MHNA FB content to increase visibility
h. P&D
i. Petition signatures: 109 to date
ii. Library tour (details in Events section)
iii. Library Way – Elaine and Susan meeting on Thursday with Grand Central
Partnership and NYPL to discuss a possible September event (weekend). MHNA
membership would be invited to reception (block party on 41st Street). Could be
free publicity for the Association.
i. Quality of Life
i. Quality of Life forum on Thursday (3/13/14 6:30-8:30, Podell Auditorium, 1st
floor of Bernstein Pavillion, Beth Israel Medical Center, 1 Nathan Perlman Place,
between 15th & 16th Streets and 1st and 2nd Aves)
1. D. Garodnick and R. Mendez moderating. Reps from city agencies
present to respond to issues
ii. Church of our Savior Church Bells – Attempts to broker a meeting between
community groups and Church have not been successful. Trustees should note
that it is not the role of MHNA to solicit complaints about church, but we should
instead direct people to 311. If you have friends in buildings surrounding church,
encourage them to call 311, this shows community support.
Newsletter – issue to go out before street festival in print and electronic formats (PDF
and HTML)
6. New business
a. NYPL Master Plan – Neighborhood/MHNA may have a problem with NYPL in the coming
months. NYPL planning to sell Mid-Manhattan and SIBL libraries. What impact would
this have on neighborhood? Mayor DeBlasio has an important say if $350M of city
money will go toward that plan, which will determine outcome. MHNA will consider
writing a letter stating that city funds shouldn’t go toward that plan.
i. March on Library tomorrow (3/12/14)
ii. Marisa to distribute information to Trustees on both sides of issue.
iii. Is the SIBL building zoned for non-profits?
b. Zuma –Japanese restaurant to open September 2014 Madison and 39th Street, owner
happy to come speak to us. This is the restaurants first US chain.
c. The Shakespeare and The Peacock – 24 East 39th Street between Park and Madison,
lovely space, delicious food
i. Want to be a part of the community/join as members/possibly provide
discounts in future
d. Bird Sanctuary –We got a call on the MHNA voicemail from Dr. Stanley Burns (140 East
38th Street), who has informed me that the new owners of the Shelbourne Hotel (38th
and Lex) have begun to disrupt the bird sanctuary that exists at the back of the hotel.
Apparently MHNA and the Audubon Society successfully worked back in 2007 to stop
the then-management of the same disruption. Diane noted that MHNA will mediate a
meeting between Dr. Burns and the hotel.