Smoke Alarm RM201

Smoke Alarm RM201
Product features
Optical scattered-light smoke alarm with VdS
certification and Q-label
Maintenance-free thanks to battery life of up to 10 years
Emergency lighting by integrated LED during alarm
Metal mesh around the smoke chamber offers
protection against insects
Easy installation with supplied screws and plugs
Large and user-friendly push-button for functional tests
and muting alarms
Self-test and battery control function
Technical specifications
Supply voltage:
Battery life:
Degree of protection:
Ambient temperature:
Alarm type:
Alarm output:
Mark of conformity:
Dimensions (ø x H):
permanently installed 3 V lithium battery
> 10 years (typ.)
5 to 30 °C
scattered-light smoke alarm
Piezo signal device (>85 dB in 3 m distance), LED
Status LED
CE, VdS, Q-label
115 x 45 mm
116 g (incl. battery)
Logistical data
Product reference:
EAN code:
Short description:
Packing unit:
Packing dimensions:
Total weight:
Package contents
184 x 140 x 73 mm
282.0 g
Smoke alarm (incl. permanently
installed 3 V lithium battery)
Mounting material
(screws and plugs)
Operating manual in DE and EN
Subject to technical changes.
eQ-3 AG
Version eQ-130756/1.0