Castlight Get Started Guide

This Get Started Guide will introduce you to Castlight, a tool that will
enable Purdue University employees, spouses/same-sex domestic
partners and adult dependents covered by a Purdue medical plan to
become better health care consumers.
User Registration - Start at
1. Click on the Register Now
link near the top of the page,
and then complete the
“Identify Yourself” page.
2. Complete the “Create
Account” page.
3. You may invite your spouse/
same-sex domestic partner
and adult children covered
by a Purdue medical plan to
TIP: All employees should use their e-mail address when registering. Once registered, you may change your
settings to the e-mail address of your choice.
TIP: Keep your personal information secure! Do not have the browser remember your Castlight password.
TIP: Bookmark the Castlight site so that you can return easily and often.
TIP: When registering, enter the first 10 digits of your Purdue University ID (PUID), including the leading zeros. If your
PUID shows 11 digits, don’t enter the last digit.
Castlight Home page - Welcome to Castlight
4. Your Castlight home page shows your medical plan status, such as how much you’ve spent
toward your deductible.
5. Notice the box on the page where you can click to take a tour.
6. You’ll see prices next to the suggested searches under “Find a Doctor,” “Find a Service,” and
“Treat a Condition.”
7. Look under the search bar. It indicates the address Castlight is searching near. This is
automatically set to your home address, but you can change it. Perhaps you want to search in
the bigger city down the road or near where your child goes to college.
Find Care - Search by cost, quality, and convenience
8. Click on the “Find Care” tab. You’ll see a large search bar at the top of the page.
9. Simply type a term, such as “Primary Care Doctor,” “X-ray” or “Fever,” into the search box to
begin searching. You can also find care by clicking any of the suggested links on the page.
10.After you have entered your search term, you will see your search results page. Once the results
are displayed, you can refine your results by distance.
11.Click on the boxes on the left side of the page to filter results (e.g., show only providers taking
new patients). The page reloads with the filters applied.
Search Results - Review in-network providers in your area
12.When you click on a doctor who has patient reviews and a
price, you’ll see three tabs that contain information about the
provider: Profile, Reviews, and Costs.
13.Go back to the search box and conduct a search for
“dermatologist.” Select three doctors to compare by checking
the gray boxes on the right of the doctors’ names. Click the
orange “Compare” button to see a side-by-side comparison of
14.Conduct a search for “sore throat.” Notice the different service
location options (such as clinics and emergency rooms).
15.Find out more about what your medical plan covers and where
you are in your plan.
TIP: You can search by doctor, service or condition. Try out all three.
TIP: Although not all medical services will have prices, the most common ones
will, and Castlight is adding more prices every month.
TIP: If you want to see fewer search results, search within a smaller distance or
apply one of the other filters Castlight provides.
TIP: Review both the total cost and what you pay.
Sometimes you can save money for Purdue, without
costing yourself more, by choosing a different provider.
Your Plan - Understand your benefits
16.Click on the “Your Plan” tab located on
the upper right of the page. If you cover
dependents on your medical plan, they’ll be
listed as participants.
17.“Your Plan” shows your 2012 In-Network
Spending, including the total amount spent,
annual deductible, and out-of-pocket
Past Care - Review your past medical claims
18.Click the “Past Care” tab.
19.A line graph with your out-of-pocket costs by month appears in the middle of the top of the page.
20.A pie chart in the upper right corner shows your categories of care.
21.Scroll down to “Your Claims.” You can refine your view by participants (if you have dependents),
facilities, and doctors and specialists by using filters on the left side of the page.
Need Help? Have Feedback?
22.If you need help, you can reach a Castlight Guide by phone at 1-888-272-9572, e-mail at
[email protected], or by direct message using the help tool.
23.To use the help tool, click on the “Need Help?” link located on the top right of the screen.
24.To ask a question, enter a message in the field and click on “Ask Castlight.” A Castlight Guide will
answer your question promptly.
25.To provide feedback, click on “Give
Feedback,” enter a message in the field and
click on “Send Feedback.” Castlight is a
new tool for Purdue and will be continually
improving. Your feedback is very important as
Castlight works to bring you the most robust
health care shopping experience possible.