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Trelleborg Wheel Systems
Trelleborg Wheel Systems operation is part of the Trelleborg Group. It is a global supplier of tires and complete wheels
for agricultural and forestry machines, fork-lift trucks and other material-handling equipment. The company provides highly
specialized solutions, to create added value for customers.
Trelleborg Wheel Systems is organized into two operations
Our Agricultural and Forestry tire operations designs, produces and distributes a wide range of tires and wheel
systems for agricultural machinery including tractors and trailers and forestry machinery. We provide top quality products
that allow for optimal use of various types of machinery both on the road and in the field.
Our Industrial tire operations designs, produces and distributes tires and wheel systems for materials handling and
construction machinery including forklifts, loaders and ground support equipment. Through premium quality products and
market leading services we aim to be a partner for industry accelerating customer performance across six continents.
本社所在地 スウェーデン
事業内容 Polymer technology
代表取締役 Peter Nilsson
URL http://www.trelleborg.com/en/wheels
メインオフィス Johankocksgatan 10
SE-231 22 Trelleborg, Sweden